NCGP Product: Gastric Bypass and Lap band Surgery

By: Cloie Hicks


I am going to be showing you how I made the models of both Gastric Bypass and Lap Band surgery, then interviewing a candidate for both surgeries to ensure that I understand that both are very risky but how they can affect the body in different yet similar ways.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass is a surgery that first cuts your stomach into two separate parts an new upper pouch, then a much larger lower pouch, this surgery then proceeds to arrange your small intestines to connect to both. This surgery is used to reduce obesity, sleep apena, and many other severe health problems. This surgery can cause infection, hemorrhage, hernia and bowel obstruction.

Starting to make the model of Gastric Bypass surgery, the intestines.
Adding on the second part of the intestines where digestion occurs.
Arranging and cutting the stomach into separate parts small and big pouch.
Labeling my model to show where things are

Lap Band

Lap band surgery is used to limit the amount of food the stomach can hold making you eat less and feel fuller faster than normal. Lap band surgery starts off by making the stomach smaller than its original size by cutting you into several small incisions. Then the doctor places small surgical tools and a small camera through the incisions. The doctor then wraps the device around the upper part of your stomach to form a ring. Attached to this ring is a small thin tube leading to the access port that is left under the skin for the doctor to add or take away saline if it is way too tight. There are many risk to this surgery including obstruction, band slippage, access port problems and many more.

Starting to make the model of lap band surgery, starting with the stomach
Applying the access port.
Adding finishing touches.

Interview Questions

NCGP Product Interview Questions

    1. How long have you suffered from health problems?

    2. Any history of health problems in your family?

3. If you could change anything about your life in your younger years what would it be?

4.What was your doctor’s first reaction to your request choice to have lap-band surgery?

    5.Did you have to do any restrictions before the surgery?

    6. We’re you scared from the outcome of the Lap band /gastric bypass?

    7.Were there any problems from the surgery of the Lap band?

8.Did you lose any weight from the Lap band surgery?

    9. Was there any pain with the Lap band?

    10.What did you have to eat after the Lap band and Gastric Bypass Surgery?

    11.How was the surgery different from the Lap band verses the Gastric Bypass?

    12.Was that scary for you as far as the difference in between the two surgeries?

    13.Has this changed your lifestyle in any way?

    14.Were you satisfied with the surgery?

    15.Would you refer anyone for either of the surgeries?

    16.Do you feel the lap band getting tighter?

    17.How long ago did you have this procedure?

    18. Would you recommend either surgery to anyone?

    19. Does it last a lifetime?

Interview with candidate for both gastric bypass and lap band surgery

Challenges and success

I have experienced both success and challenge during this product. I had to find a way to model my surgeries a way that I thought would explain the process the best. I also had to know what materials would make this product look the best that it can which was a disaster at first, but it finally came together. Another challenge that came to me was trying to figure out what I was going to do for my product, I sent back my product approval form twice, not because they didn't get approved, but because I wanted to make them better.

Success had its way of making it too, I had success in my product approval forms being approved when I sent them back to be revised. I continued with success in my interview and coming up with the questions to ask my candidate, Mrs. Cady. I had the best success in making tackk, and getting it to come together as a whole and making my experience look as if you were watching me do it in person.

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