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Andrew Zhang 8A4


Character Traits

Trait 1: Active

My first trait is active,I think I am an active person because I always like to participate in different activities in school, trying out for soccer, doing indoor sports in gym during winter days, I am also a helper in ''Counting On You'', and I am proudly to be the student council as a class representative and I always gives ideas for Spirit days during the council meetings, in the future I want to make others more positive with my passion.

Trait 2: Skillful

The second character trait I picked is skillful, I believe I am quite skillful at a few things, such as Mathematics, Technology, Science, and some basics about automotive(Theoretical), During school times, I like to help people on math with the skills I gained over the years and I am sure gaining skills can make you a more successful person in the future, I also like tinker with electronic stuff at home, I believe you will gain better reputation in the society and you will know that these skills are really useful.

Trait 3:Intelligent

My third trait is intelligent, to be honest, I am very confident when facing challenges and projects because I know I am clever enough to solve it with the skills I gained, I also thinks questions in different ways and perspectives so I can truly understand the real meaning of it, I also gained some helpful traits under the name of intelligent from reading and gaming, such strategy, co-operation,inference, quick decision, etc. I think being a intelligent person can help you a lot when going to higher grades because you will always encounter things that hard to solve and I am confident that with more learning I can overcome all the challenges.

Trait 4: Friendly

My last character trait is friendly, I am always friendly to everyone I met, even to the strangers I will probably never meet again, I give equal respect to everyone I know and I will never offend anyone that's innocent, I like meeting people from all different places and all ages, I like to share experience to successful people I met from family friend meetings and they all think I am a friendly guy, they give me useful tips for the future study career and I appreciate that, my goal in the future is to let people around me see me as a good, friendly person that is willing to help.


This video of Bruce Lee inspires me to be a strong person in the future and protect others that matters to me from getting hurt, I want to have Martial Arts skill like Bruce Lee because that makes me feel safe and strong.


1: This is My dream car, and this makes me want to work harder at school so I can go to a good University and hopefully get a good job at an international company and be rich, so I can get the ride of my dream instead of doing labor everyday and can't afford a Car.

2.This is a photo that reflects me as a person that doesn't give up easily and inspires me to not quit on everything.

3. This photo reflects me as a person who is very active and is hard-working, but some people aren't and this is becoming a problem in the society, I want people to be more occupied on something more productive instead of being lazy and doing nothing.

4.This is a photo of Tokyo Night, and it reflects me as a person who likes to travel around the world. I love to explore the cultures and enjoy the good food from different places and see how people live in a different area.

5. This is a photo of 5 supercars from Japan, Germany and Italy, it reflects me as a person who has a passion toward cars and that makes me want to find a good career in the future so I can have enough money to own a exotic supercar like ones above.


This is a very inspirational quote from Sakichi Toyoda, the man who started the Toyota company business in the early 20 Century, I like this quote because it makes me to give a try on everything even though I might never be successful on.

This is a quote from Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor Company, Ltd. This quote tells me to give everyone a chance and not to deny someone's talent just because you don't like them.

This is a quote that is from the famous car designer, entrepreneur, racer Carroll Shelby, who made a LOT of famous rides and some people see him as a car god, but from this quote he is giving a secret hint to people to stay humble no matter how famous you actually are or how many things you have done, This quote somehow tells me to be a humble guy when I grow up and don't brag about things no matter how lucky or rich I might be.  


This is a short, anonymous poem about life, and it tells us exactly how to live a good life, work hard and set big goals for yourselves and don't give up, be faithful and happy everyday, we only have one life, and your choice to live it good or not, good news is that smart, experienced people give you instructions on life, it's your decision to take it or not, I will follow the things included on the poem and try to live a good life, who won't?

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