The History of Soccer:
Making it's mark in the world.

Soccer never had a beginning. But researches say that it expanded with China. It was just the year  206 bc - ad 220. The Chinese named it "Cuju", It seemed that it was played in the Han Dynasty. They had people dribbled leather balls by kicking it into a small net. Which is a huge different now a days, because we use the soccer ball to kick it with our feet not to dribble with our hands! The outer People don't really mention that Soccer first originated in China. Because they don't know that it spread from there. But as I said, soccer has no begging. It's just a know fact that it expanded trough out china and from there on it spread out to others parts of the world. To end this all I did a little more investigation and research about the Cuju (Chinese soccer) sport, that in July 15, 2004, the Fifa ( Soccer Owner) President announced that soccer is the homeland of China!

Wow, now that's something interesting!   

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