Brian's Financial Project

like messi i will be the best

I found out that we cant go to the store to get every thing i want because of how much we have to pay for the bills.Like the mortgage and groceries are expenses we have to pay.

i chose too be a doctor because they get payed the most and there starting salary is good with a 5 digit numbers.

My doctor career affected my home with how much I get too spend 1800 dollars on the most expensive home and 341.00 on my Ford F-150 and 300.00 dollars for my clothing so as a doctor i feel proud

No I didn't create a balanced budget because I had 1000 as my clothing as clothing now i have 300 dollars as clothing too create a balanced budget and my pet from 1200 to 150.00 i had in the negative by 259.87

It changed it by letting me now how much i can spend and what I can't buy and I know that money doesn't grow on trees

My spread sheet will prepare me too know how much I cant go over my balanced budget

I will put the rest in my savings account