By: Chance and Kurtis

What is it origin?

Sunflower is one of the few plants that originated from North America.

Where and when was it first domesticated?

The earliest domestication of sunflowers is found in the San Andre's site in Tabasco, Mexico in 2500-2800 BC.

Further evidence is found in the Hayes site in Tennessee in 4265 BC.

What is its purpose/ uses?

Prehistory use of sunflowers were ornamental and ceremonial, as well as food and flavoring.

The earliest human consumption of wild sunflowers known is 2900 BC.

What are 5 things it is turned in to or used to make?

~ Paper production

~Cattle feed

~Bird seed

~Sunflower oil

~sunflower whole seed bread

What part of the US is it grown in?

North an South Dakota, Minnesota, and California.