Briana Torrey

This video is a funny way of understanding the safety precautions children should know about not talking to strangers. The jokes that are in this video is what makes this clip Satire. There are some characteristics of Satire in this video. When the cop says "What if a stranger in a van had candy?" That was an example of double meaning because the children took it as you should go get his candy. Although the teacher was trying to tell the children that it is not safe to talk to strangers. There is another example of double meaning in this video when the girl said "you are playing my dad". There were examples of exaggeration in this video also. When the :students" would yell and be loud to get their point across. Another characteristic was Incongruity because their are like 30 year old adults dressed up as students in a class room to learn about "stranger danger". Diminution is in this video because the importance of the lesson was not to talk to strangers although the children was only looking at the situation that there was candy. It also has Infotainment because the video does entertain the audience.

This video is an example of Satire because it is another remake of "What does the Fox Say". There are a few characteristics of Satire in this video. Exaggeration is one of them because the girl drags out her words in here to get her point across. This would be considered a parody because it is based off the song "What does the Fox Say". Another characteristic is Infotainment because it does entertain the audience when watching it because its funny. "What does the Fox Say" is the target because its making fun of the song.

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