"Developing an action plan to deal with the problem of Gang violence"


A."students will be issued a citation for disorderly conduct by a local police officer and could be taken to jail."student will be suspended at least 10 days.
B."this policy deals with the problem because the students will be aware that they can get into trouble, taken to jail or court,restraining order."
C."some of the disadvantages to suspending the student for up to 10 days or go to court is that they will miss school and if you send them to court their family will spend money."

D. generally speaking engaging in fights, would be considered harassment or assault.

This shows the number of fights in the year of 1992 to 2001, this is important because it show how the violence decrease from 1992 to 2001, and this actually shows the violence offences in hawaii.

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This provided the pictures for my project, this is a reliable source because it is provided by the Center for Disease Control, because it's provided by a government organization you can trust it is truthful and reliable. this information exist because its important to keep track of violent crime.

Gang Violence In London.

The article came out in September, 2011.

Its important because it relates to gang violence, the source of the information is a British news organization, we can trust this is reliable because generally speaking the news is reliable.

this information exist because its important to keep track of gang violence,

Kenosha Police Department Restraining order information:

We are unsure of the currency of this information.

We can trust that this information is relevant because it was published by the Kenosha Police Department, this is a government organization and assume that the government keeps good track of its information, they can trust this is accurate because it was published by Kenosha Police Department.

this information exist because police department required to keep track of their cases.

How Safe Are Hawaii's Schools?

Aug. 2003

It's important because it's in regards to Hawaii schools, this is published by UH manoa, we can trust that this is reliable because it was published by major university journal, this exist because its important to keep track of How Safe Are Hawaii's Schools Are.

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