Tips So You Don't Get                   STALKED Online

                    By Sam Hansen

Step 1: Stay Anonymous

.You need to stay anonymous - Use fake usernames that relate nothing to your name so people can't try to find out your real name and where you live. Plus someone could kidnap you and you wouldn't even know how they figured out that much about you.

Step 2: Be Private

Make sure that you are private so that not just anyone can get on your page. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and anything else. And make sure that you only accept people you know to be your friends.  Because do you really want complete  random people looking at all your photos?

Step 3: Don't Post Pictures About You

Don't post pictures of yourself that show where you are. You don't want to do this because if someone is trying to find you and, you are at that place all day it would be pretty easy for them to come and find you!

Step 4: Be Careful In Chatrooms

When you get in a chat room and you make new friends check with your parents if you can write letters to each. You should use an anonymous address or a business address so they don't know where you live.

Step 5 :Never meet people

Never ever ever meet someone offline in person. Also if you are planning to meet someone make sure that it is okay with your parents and that they are with you incase something does go wrong. And you never know the person you are meeting offline.

Step 6: Never Share Passwords

Never share your passwords with anyone. Not even your best friend you never know what could happen between you two. Also if you share a password someone could get on your page and post something you don't want posted.

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