The Baltimore Riots

Hello it's Kat once again here to talk about the oh so important Baltimore Riots that are going on right now. For those of you that do not know about what is going on I will catch you up to date. Freddie Gray was an African American man that was killed by police officers.

This article was written by John Blake and Michael Martinez. They are the writers of CNN news U.S. edition which is currently covering the Baltimore Riots. The author's point of view is in third person to tell you about how Doni Glover a journalist an activist was in the face of the riots to get the coverage. It was produced May 2, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. This affects the article because it was written with the feelings and thoughts of the individuals that were in the riots. CNN represents getting world wide news out to the public so they know what is going on in the world around them. This is written for anyone that is wondering what is happening in Baltimore and also who was Freddie Gray. I was crested to get the information out there about a journalist and activist who was in the heart of the riot with people who are fighting for new rights. That there are riots in Baltimore at this very moment. It is so impotent because no one has shed emotion while being on the job as a journalist.

This next article is from MTV News about Freddie Grays death and a timeline of how the riots started. It was created by Gil Kaufman of MTV news. It is written in third person view and written on April 28, 2015. I know about how quickly the riots got viotelnt to the point that many lost their lives. I recognize the 'putting of the hands up' because many people that were wrongly accused were found with their hands up. The audience is the local communitte and also the world to show that they are not going to take this anymore.

In Baltimore dozens of protesters who were arrested later that week during the riots where let free, tells NBC writters M. Alex Johnson and Jon Schuppe. NBC is a world wide news broadcaster that broadcasts news daily about important things that are happing in your world today.  The fact that it was published in a nice, safe building in New York where their local offices are is telling us that we aren't important enough to have them broadcasting live. My prior knowledge of this is that there were many protesters that were at first protesting peacefully, then turned violent when police turned up. Their audience is anyone that believes that this is important. This was created to spread the word about what is happening in Baltimore and now what is happening all over.

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