Kuba Ka

Kuba Ka – A New Generation of Pop Star and Super Hero

Artist Kuba Ka dazzles world-wide fans through his dynamic performances, and has been since he was merely a child. Over the years, Kuba has taken the world’s entertainment industry by storm. As a musician, actor and model, Kuba Ka delivers stage performances with a sensational storm of energy.

Best known for his 2013 hit pop single “Stop Feenin’”, Kuba has collaborated with several creative teams in the music industry to produce some of this generation’s most beloved dance music. He recently teamed up with American rapper, Flavor Flav, to produce the song, “Come to America.” This song tells the story of how Kuba and Flavor Flav met, and it also reflects on their crazy adventures together. The decision to collaborate was agreed upon solely by the two stars. They wanted to have fun while creating a song that mixed their two very different vibes. Judging by the charts, their efforts are a success.

Kuba Ka has recently creatively collaborated with legendary fashion designer, Donatella Versace. The two mega-personalities joined forces to unveil the world’s first ever real life Pop Super Hero. Inspired by Kuba’s unrelenting energy and dynamism, Versace designed a new line of performance outfits specifically for Kuba Ka. In addition, she fashioned the Super Hero outfit for Kuba because who better than Kuba, with his high-octane, over-the-top personality, to become the world’s first Pop Super Hero.

Kuba Ka possesses the motivation and the ability to use his high-energy performances to reach millions of people around the world. Like a real life Superhero, it has been Kuba’s mission to use this strength to spread a much-needed message for peace. His song, “Streets of Freedom” boasts upbeat dance rhythms to win over fan’s hearts, but it also speaks a strong message for peace in the streets.

Kuba is no stranger to wielding his influence to help those in need. Throughout his life he has organized numerous charity events to help both animals and people. He is so strongly devoted to helping others; he has created his own humanitarian organization called, “Kuba Ka Army of Lights.”

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