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9th grade English
Audrey Crawford

Expository Essay

Planning a Sweet 16 party is difficult, but the challenge is worth the time. There are many steps to planning a 16th birthday party, like getting the materials, finding the location and writing out invitations.

The first step is gathering materials. Balloons are a must when it comes to any birthday party so obviously they have to be at the sweet 16 party. Always get a cake because without one it's not a party. Definitely don't forget the music because if there's something that every teen has to have at a party it's music.

Next there's the location of the party. There are many places a birthday could take place, but to be specific this one was planed for home. People may think that having a birthday party at home may be boring, but in all actuality they don't know what their missing.

The last step is preparing the invitations. Buying would probably be the best way to go but if the person wants to make their own that's ok. A plus side of marketing them is they can be disingenuous the exact way that the person wants them.

Always remember the challenge that's taken on with planning a 16th birthday. You never know what your getting yourself into. They may be picky or have there favorite kind of cake but you no your only 16 once!

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