The Wind!

By Madison

What is wind?

Wind is moving air that is caused by atmospheric pressure differences. It is produced when uneven heating of the earths surface by the sun.

What is a sea breeze?

A sea breeze is when wind blows toward land and blows during the day because of the warmth of the air.

What is a land breeze?

A land breeze is is wind blowing from land to the sea. This happens at the night because of the warmth of the ocean.

What is the Jet Stream? The Jet Stream is the path of air from from the western part of the United States to the eastern side. The Jet Stream will never change because the flow of air is important to the ecosystem.

What are global wind patterns? Global wind Patterns are when air heats up and rises. Then it leaves low pressure areas behind. When they are in moving action they move north to south. When they are in the north it is a little warmer than in the south which is a lot cooler.

What are Prevailing Westerlies? Prevailing westerlies are the winds from the west that occurs in temperate zones of the earth.

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