Advice & Gratitude

As news stories terrify us and as conditions get worse and worse on Animal Farm, it can get easy to feel mired down. When life is getting hard or sad, what advice do you have for people to feel more positive? Give at least three strategies.

One strategy that I have when life gets hard is for me to listen to music, and tune everybody out. Because when I'm mad I'd rather not talk or have to listen to anyone. This may help some people because it can help someone tune out the world and forget about the problems around them. Another strategy I have is to vent to my best friends because while telling them what my problems are, they always make me laugh and somewhat forget what I was upset about.  A third strategy that I have that can help others is to play the piano, dance, cheer or any hobbies that one enjoys. It is kind of easy to take your mind off problems when you're doing something you really enjoy.

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3 years ago

Happy New Year, Kiara! You're missing the second half of the assignment; check my tackk for the information.