Rube Goldberg Entry 1

Why did you choose the project?

I choose this because i loved when we worked on them in class I feel you can learn a lot by constructing these complicated machines. It was also very fun to make them and it can help prepare you for the future.

Rube Goldberg Day 2

What do you want to learn from this project?

I would like to learn how to make a fun machine to do many things. I feel it can help you for later careers such as engineering or maybe even being a scientist. Not only this but it is entertaining and can bring together strong minds to be worked into something great.

Rube Goldberg Day 3

What did you do and what videos did you watch?

I watched these videos because they where complicated but the showed me how one object hitting another can have endless possibilities. It can reveal something, push something over or even do silly things like splatter paint. One of these was made by a guy right there in his own home. They inspired me to use new materials and mechanisms to complete this project.

Rube Goldberg Day 4

What did you do?

We created a drawing to represent our project. First the bowling ball will drop on an air pump which pushes it down a zipline. This then hits the other balls down a ramp onto a machine that spins them and rolls them into a basket weighing it down. This pulls up the ball triggering a lever which in the end reveals a poster.

What questions did you answer?

We  concluded our layout of the track and how we were going to build it.

Rube Goldberg Day 5

We created the zip line for the ball today with a levy and some string. When the ball is pushed it will slide down pushing balls down a ramp.

Rube Goldberg Entry 6

What have you done so far?

We have made most of the project all we are missing is the final stage  which reveals the poster. We fixed the zip line problem that we had were the air pump blew the ball off the counter and when the ball hit the ramp it kept knocking off all the little plastic balls. We made the zip line shorter and moved it a little further away and made the lego based ramp a little longer and it finally worked.

The process?

We have an air pump that blows a ball off a zip line which hits a line of balls down a ramp onto a conveyor type machine which transports them into a bucket. They weigh down the bucket, pulling up a curtain which reveals a poster.

Rube Goldberg Entry 7

What special terms need to be know, what are the specified materials you used?

Air pump, ball, pulley, yarn, Lego ramp, conveyor system, small plastic marble type balls, paper bucket, duct tape, thin cloth curtain, and poster board

Rube Goldberg Entry 8

What is any new information or questions you have?

We put the system together today and it was a successful test except we had to add a piece of paper to the bucket because the balls were bouncing out of the bucket.

Rube Goldberg Entry 9

Rube Goldberg Entry 14

We are working on perfecting our bucket and curtain so they weigh the exact same. The balls have to weigh the paper bucket down to lift up he curtain and reveal our poster collage.

Rube Goldberg Entry 18

What did you learn about your subject?

. They are kinda more easy to build then they look

How did your project turn out?

We almost completely made it work! The only problem was that we had three marbles that we put in to weigh it down and we had the two cardboard slabs, but the marbles slid under the slabs and to the other side so it weighed the wrong side down which caused the balls on the conveyer system to fall to the ground. That was the only problem we still had to achieve was to close the gap or the hole between the cardboard slabs with some tape and we are positive it would have worked.

Do you wish you could have picked another project to work on? Why or why not?

No because I loved working on this project and building all the cool mechanisms and things I  feel it was a fun but also very complex project and I probably would pick it again.

Did your project make you want to pursue this subject even more, like a job or a hobby?

Not a job because I have interest in other things such as a doctor, but this is a definite hobby because I really did enjoy it and its a fun way for you to come together with a group or on your own and brainstorm cool ideas.

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