Sustainable Palm Oil Plantations
should continue

Stop the workers from taking all the palm oil!

Sustainable Palm Oil plantations should continue.

Firstly, In Malaysia and Indonesia there is an endangered animal called Orang-Utan. They live in forests that has palm oil trees. They use Palm Oil trees as there habitat.

Secondly, There are workers in Indonesia and Malaysia that gets The Palm Oil trees which makes it more difficult for the workers and the Orang-Utans. If the workers continue, the Orang-Utans will be endangered. But if the workers do not continue, Indonesia and Malaysia will become poor.

Thirdly, I say that they must have half but not workers all over the Orang-Utans and the Palm Oil. So, Half for the workers

And half for the Orang-Utans...

I say that we have to stop the workers getting into the forests and taking all the palm oil!

Or the Orang-Utans will be gone forever!

Continue the sustainable Palm Oil plantations!

Thank you.

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