Aubree Victor

Hi, my name is Aubree. I love to play soccer and softball. I had a summer kick off picnic that's where this picture was taken. I play in three leagues for softball. I'm a very outgoing person, and i love making new friends and meeting new people. Another thing is i love listening to all types of music; pop, country, classic, rap ,ect.


My mom!

My mom is my role model! She is so beautiful, as you can see in the picture above! She does everything from me, and she would sacrifice anything for me just to make sure I'm happy. She is my twin, but the prettier one of course. She is also my best friend. If I cry she crys too, unless I have fallen down and then she laughs! But my mom is one of the most important things in my life!


My soccer team is my second family! We spend 4 hours together pretty much everyday! We go through blood, sweat, and tears! I love them all! They have helped me with so much. Last year was my first time every playing soccer and with the help of them, i can now kick a long ball into the goal from mid-field.. that's pretty good!

My Role Model!

Lucas Digne! Oh, where do I begin?  He is my role model, I want to play soccer just like him! He plays for France in the world cup, but plays for his club team too! He is a great team player, and really cares about people! He a great person, but is also VERY attractive if i must say so myself! I would my soccer career to boom just like his did!

My Goals!

My first goal is.. Be a successful Navy Dentist! I will be successful in this field by studying hard, and getting great grades! I will dedicate myself to helping people and my line of work.

My second goal is.. To be organized! I will use my agenda everyday! I will put things in the correct folder for class and this will help me get better grades!

My third goal is.. To get straight A's all through High School! I will study everyday and a lot for test!

Where I Want To Visit

I would love to visit Boston, MA! My favorite baseball team the Redsoxs home field is there and i would love to go watch a home game there! Everybody there is so nice.. from what i hear anyway. They also have great food and lots of cool activities!

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