a year of firsts

adventures of baby bock

We must love to fill our plates. Overflowing. Yes, we do love to eat but I mean with stuff - things to do and projects and life. In less than a year we got married, put our house on the market, will sell our house and move into a new one (that’s me being positive), began working with a new start-up, launched a business, and got prego. Whew! To say that we are stressed might be an understatement but as I write all of this and think back on the last few months, I realize how blessed we are. We are smarter, stronger and will be better parents because of everything on our plates and all of the lessons we have learned this year. Our marriage is thriving, we are ready to settle into a new and long term home and Tackk has taught us way too many lessons to count. It may be a rollercoaster year but I’m staying focused on the ups rather than the downs.