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Elective Extravaganza!

Our new schedule is off to a great start, and the electives are positively electrifying!  You can feel the energy coming from teachers, students, and parents when you hear anyone talking about our new electives!  Scroll through the pictures below to see what was happening last week!

This Week...

This week we are following the C schedule! (2-1-3-5-4)

Monday, 8/18: Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, 8/20: STAR Workshop for SS/SCI ONLY

Thursday 8/21: STAR Testing Begins

Instructional Spotlight
Ms. Ambra Johnson

Ms. Johnson is beginning her 6th year at Liberty. Teaching language arts and creative writing, Ambra uses various strategies daily.  Her favorite, go-to strategy is carousel.  This strategy incorporates cooperative learning, reading, writing, and engages higher order thinking skills.  Ms. Johnson likes to use this strategy when reviewing and discussing summer reading books.  Connect with Ms. Johnson in room 114 to see how the strategy can work for you!

PLP Prep

Make sure you login to the EDUCATE Alabama site and update your profile!

Self-Assessment DUE: Friday, 9/29

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3 years ago

What a great newsletter! I want to come and observe the new Middle School elective classes. WOW! :) I love Carousel a facilitator and participant! Thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

Great newsletter!

3 years ago

I am so excited about the new middle school offerings...can't wait to see and hear more! I love the Instructional Spotlight; what a great way to share strategies and connect! Thanks for sharing.

3 years ago

This looks great Mrs. H!!!

3 years ago

Loving this newsletter!!