Mobile Leaerning Apps

For iOS

--- Dictionary & Thesaurus:

The dictionary app is an obvious one that will be useful for individuals whether they are students or not. This app allows an individual to search up any word's meaning instantly, without internet connection as well! Making it a very useful and convenient application.
This can be used in the classroom for students who might be having troubles reading and need some assistance with the text. There is also a word of the day function which may be useful if teachers want to help encourage students to expand their vocabulary.

Tophat is a application designed primarily for use in Education. It can create questions, surveys and such for students to answer easily. Teachers can use this application by making short questions or surveys beforehand and allowing students to use their mobile devices to answer with the Tophat app. This allows for instant feedback and helps teacher adjust their teaching method in realtime if any students are having troubles.

WolframAlpha is an app that focuses mainly on Math and Sciences and provides in depth information for questions you may have.

This app is very useful for students in higher level Math or Sciences, as you able to enter functions and equations and WolframAlpha will give you information and explanations about the question along with answers. This is very useful for students who are having trouble understanding certain Math functions and can also be used by teachers to explain certain Math questions.
Khan Academy:

This is another app that is fairly centered around Math and Sciences. There is a huge library of videos and topics over many different topics whether it be from Mathematics to Humanities.

This app can be very helpful for students who need extra help learning certain concepts. Teachers can also use parts of the information in videos and provide more explanation to students who are still unable to understand the content.
imiwa? (Japanese dictionary):

This app is a Japanese and English dictionary. It is mainly catered to help English speaking students learn Japanese. There are many features such as looking up the meanings of words instantly, verb conjugations, and example sentences.

This app can be useful for students learning Japanese, and helps them look up words quickly, and gives them good explanations and examples of how to use them. This can be helpful for teachers who may be using higher level vocabulary and need their students to be able to follow along more quickly.

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