The Feared

Formidulous is one of the scariest and most dangerous monster there is to possibly encounter. He is not only trained on how to kill but is also able to shape shift. When a predator comes to attack him he is able to turn into their worst fear, and that will scar the opponent into never wanting to mess with him again. He has taken down all the greats in epic battles. Even though he may look small and innocent to start off, he is not the sweet cute monster after all. This innocent face gives him all the advantages he needs to defeat his opponents. He has destroyed dragons egos so much that they when they try to breathe fire it is nothing but smoke. Formidulous has caused epic heroes go to years and years of therapy and they have decided it is irreversible. This one dangerous monster is able to become anything that one could possibly imagine. If anyone was willing to face him they would have to be prepared to fight their biggest fear, and for most this is close to impossible. Formidulosus can be hired, most popularly by mothers wanting to punish their children, the elderly, and ex-girlfiends. Remember, he is always lurking and when you least expect it you will be face to face with your worst fear. Best of wishes.  

This is Formidulous scaring a simple human, he is always there, always watching. This unsuspecting victim is unaware he is about to be face to face with his biggest fear.

This poor girl was clearly not ready to face her biggest fears… she should have listened to her mother!

Unfortunately for Jim his breakup was unpleasant so he decided to go back to lifting instead of working things out. His biggest fear was damaging his "perfect" face looks like his ex knows how to get even!

This is very rare footage of  Formidulous in his true form, even then he has taken down another opponent. He has no mercy, will anyone be able to defeat him?

This was one of Formidulosus most challenging battles, he transformed into many different characters in order to defeat an entire army. For every opponent he had to shape shift so he took them out one by one. He was able to defeat an army of 25 by using the fear factor.

After all of his successful defeats Formidulosus is thrown a party attended by all of the monsters. He throws his hands in the air with the last moment of basking the glory of being one of the best monsters of all time.

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