Famous Alabamian Helen Keller

By:Oscar Hernandez

Helen Keller childhood

Helen Keller is a famous Alabamian. She was born in Tuscumbia Alabama. She was famous because she was a world famous speaker and author and wrote several books. Also,she wasn't born deaf or blind but, became sick and deaf ,blind.

Helen Keller was born on June 27,1880. After 2 months, she became deaf and blind. Also had two step brothers and two sisters. She got brain fever and became wild kid. She also moved with Anne Sullivan to a cottage. It was there that she began to learn. When she was 7 years old, Anne Sullivan taught her sign language and how to read Braille. In May 1888,she attended the Perkins Institute For the Blind.

Helen Keller was famous because she was the first blind and deaf woman to attend and graduate from college. In Helen Keller's life she wrote 14 books. Helen Keller got to be a Massachusetts Commision for the Blind. Helen Keller went to 39 countries to persuade them to open schools for the deaf and blind.

Pictures of Helen Keller

This is a photo of Helen in her childhood
This a photo of Helen Keller when she was old.


Sadly, she died in June 1,1968. She died in her sleep and had a heart attack.

Facts About Helen Keller

1) is Helen Keller loved hot dogs.

2) Helen Keller's name is really Adam Keller.

3) Helen Keller wrote to eight president of the United States.

4) Helen Keller got the title " The First Lady Of Courage".

5) Helen Keller loved animals,especially dogs.

Rape it up sentence

Helen Keller was a courage woman she wanted to help people who are sick and deaf and blind. We thanked her for her help and courage

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