EMMETT LOUIS BOBO TILL was born on july ,25 1941. he was a very handsome youngman. Emmett was born in chicago and nicknamed BOBO by a family friend. Emmett's mother largely raised him with her mother. emmett's mother and father seperated in 1942 after she found out he was unfatihful , rapest and a muderer. his father wasn't around. mamie (his mother) was so sacred she did not want him to come and see emmett. for violating court orders to stay away for mamie and emmett he was forced by a judge to choose between jail or enlisting in the us army in 1943 and died in 1945. at age fourteen emmett was stocky and muscluer wighting about 150 lb and standing 5 feet 4 inches. despite his age of 14 whites in mississippi cliamed he was a grown man. till arrived in money mississippi on August ,21 ,1955 on august 24 he and his cosin curtis jones skipped church and went to the store to buy bubble gum when he saw carloryn ( store owner) flurted with her. four days later carloryn husband roy and john kidnapped till from his uncle house and put him in a back of aunk . they drove him to a ware house. they out of the trunk. and told him to take off his clothes and tied him to a 70 pound cotton gin took one of his eyes out. and shot him by the river and weighted his body with the fan. 2 days later somebody was fishing and saw till in the tallahatchie river. only a silver ring on his finger can ID him. roy and john amitted to doing it but was not gulity.

mamie had an open casket funnerel to show the public what they did. years later people dug up till and put him in a new casket and are going to put it in a museum in washington in 2015 be there when it opens. hope you enjoyed.

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