By: Wyatt Travis and Lauren Thomson
Hour: 5

With every advancement there’s a negative trade off

World War 1: We choose this because after the Civil War America was rebuilding the structure of their country and a couple of years after they finished rebuilding and were getting back on their feet WWI started and America was right back at war.  

World War 2: We choose this becasue WWI ended and they got all of their men back into the country and started getting everything back working properly and as sales and jobs were improving the Great Depression hits and WWII begins.

The Cold War: We choose this because WWII was over for a while and the A-bomb was invented but never used for any good and everyone had missiles ready to be fired, but they are used for all the wrong reasons which proves that with every advancement their is a negative trade off.

Vietnam War: We choose this because every time a war ends and America rebuilds, then right around the corner another war starts and America automatically takes "10 steps" back which hurts America and requires it to work twice as hard to get something done.

OPEC: We choose this because since the US became more associated with OPEC is resulted in a vast improvement with our economy because more people could afford oil. However the negative trade off is that since we are using more OPEC oil and shale Oil companies inside the US would be getting less business.

Phones: We choose this because Since the advancement of technology and the creation of cell phones society is able to call and message people instantly but now bombs can be remote activated by any cell phone.

Guns: We choose this because guns help provide food since early times but they are also used today to hurt people and terrorize them.

Cars: We choose this because they help society get around a lot faster than walking or riding horse wagons but the carbon monoxide and dioxide and is tearing a hole in the ozone layer of our Atmosphere.

National Energy Act: We choose this because the United States was trying to resolve the National Energy Crisis but by doing that the they pent billion's of dollars which they had to borrow since we are already in so much debt which they are just burring our country in debt that we can never be able to return.

The A-bomb: We choose this because when the A-bomb was created it was a really big deal but then missiles were created and they use them to threat and terrorize other countries.

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