How To File a Claim and Eligibility

Filing a Claim

To file a claim for Unemplyment insurance you must file it at any Department of Workforce Services office. You can also send it through the mail.

Eligibility for Benefits

You must be unemployed, physically and mentally able to perform suitable work, available for suitable work, make a reasonable effort to find work, free of participation or direct interest in a labor dispute, and free of disqualification. You must wait one week before you can receive benefits however.

Able to Work

Being able to work means you are physically and mentally able to work similar to the way you used to work.

Availability to Work

This means you are ready to work at once. There are no circumstances to where you say you can not work.

Reasonable Effort to Find Work

You must try to find a job. If you are not finding a job at a very high level then you must go to a lesser level of a job. You have to put in the effort to find a job.

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