Why did people decide to boycott the Olympics?
Ernesto Vielmas
Period 4

People have started to boycott the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. they are boycotting the Games because of Russia's repression of gay people and political opponents. The president of the United States, Barack Obama, and other western leaders have said that they will not attend the Olympic games. Nicholas Sarantakes said that " Boycotting is never the answer because the Olympics is worldwide and there is other countries that share different values than yourself. Another man by the name of David Satter said that it is too late to boycott the Olympics because the people should have spoken out when they were chosen to held the Olympics back in 2007. http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2014/02/06/wh...

Structural Functional
*The reason why people wanted to boycott the Olympic games was because of Russia's repression of homosexual people and judging a culture with you own cultures view is called ethnocentric.
*According to people the only reason why Russia wanted to hold the Olympics in their homeland was for propaganda purposes.
*It is no longer possible to mount an effective protest against Russian policies, which can be seen as non material culture since you can't really touch their policies physically, by boycotting the Sochi Winter Olympics.
Social Conflict
*The band "Pussy Riot" was given a sanction and thrown into jail because they protested Russia's rules.
*Gay Groups have called for a boycott of the Games because they realize that attending in silence lends credence to this view of reality. This view can be subculture because almost everyone in Russia agrees about not having gays in the country.
*Boycotting the Olympics will harm the athletes that would be forced to stay home.

Symbolic Interaction
*President Obama and other Western leaders choosing not to go to the Olympics can be seen as sociology because of the group interaction that they had to do to agree on not going
*The band "Pussy Riot" choosing to protest Russia's rules
*Valdimir V. Putin is using the Olympics to elevate the prestige of the Putin regime

Personal Reaction
When I began to read this article I thought about how the homosexual community must of felt on hearing Russia's repression for gays. Some of them might of thought that the world was changing for the better because a lot of other countries were beginning to not discriminate against them. Those who were planning to go to the Games might not want to go because of the hatred Russians have against gay people. This article shows that the world might never be in peace because of the different cultures other countries have and there will always be disputes about their ideas.

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