Pagers For The Restaurant Industry

Waiting at the restaurants is a boring affair. You will have to wait for the management to call your name once they're ready with your table. Now however, there is an easier way to get around it withrestaurant pagers. These devices are compact simple plastic boxes that you will receive once your name comes up at the establishment. As a result, there is no more requirement of wasting your time standing in the queue as you can look around, stroll, or do anything until the pager vibrates or lights up signaling your turn. These devices use simple technology to offer high affordability and complete ease of use to hospitality establishment and their clients.

Pager basics to know

Pagers are the simplest radios where you can listen to a single station only. Radio transmitters present within broadcast signals across specific frequency. All pagers related to that network come with built-in receivers tuned to same broadcast frequency from transmitters. As long as pager is in the β€˜on’ mode, it will keep on listening to transmitted signal. Identification sequence unique to every pager is known as the code Channel Access Protocol (CAP). Pager will identify this code to alert users or provide extra information dependent upon the type of the device you are using.

The main pager types

  • Beepers: simplest forms available and are for basic alert. Some light up, others vibrate while still others provide audio signals. You can also get as a combination through these devices.
  • Numeric varieties: you can send various numeric messages like phone numbers, with such devices.
  • Tone/voice: you can listen to voice recorded message alerts with these whenever you receive a page.
  • Two-way: you can receive and send messages using these pagers.
  • Alpha numeric: with these, you can even send text messages accompanying page alerts.

Signals are transmitted through towers similar to those for the mobile network and these are capable of covering large areas. Paging on-site systems such as restaurant pager contain desktop small transmitter. For this kind of on-site devices, a master transmitter is needed. These send out various signals for pagers to listen. Most transmitters work as radio stations with pagers being the radios tuning into specific station.

Based upon different manufacturers and models, actual frequency for master transmitter varies. Coverage area ranges from some 100 feet to many miles based upon transmission power. For customer paging, operator enters numeric codes related to specific pagers inside master transmitter. Many master transmitters keep record of the contacted pagers. Some systems are even capable of handling 10,000 maximum individual pagers, a staggering figure, quite high for most restaurants. Nowadays, restaurateurs tend to connect their master transmitters with telephone system and as a result, it becomes possible to initiate page using the establishment phone. So, if your restaurant is not using the pager yet, you may be missing out on a simple yet highly effective means of communication.

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