The Art of Pointilism

1880 - 1920

♛ All paintings under this category weren't painted using brush strokes. Millions of tiny dots, in different colors, come together to generate different shades and colors. The dots also create a unique texture and effect not seen anywhere else.

♛ Commonly mistaken for a form of Impressionism, Pointillism is actually NeoImpressionism/New Impressionism. Impressionists used wide, thick brush strokes, while NeoImpressionism followed other techniques.

♛ The painting above ["A Sunday on La Grande Jette", by Georges Seurat] actually took around  2-4 years of pure planning and painting! Seurat drew his layout around the year 1884, and finally completed it in 1888. Pointillism is a hard, long, laborious process that requires attention to detail and great patience.

♛ Millions of dots could be found in just a small portion of a painting. See the man resting in the shade in the bottom left corner? His pants actually have dots of green, purple, orange, yellow, and even pink just to create the shadow effect!

If you'd like to create your own digital pointllism work, click !

Work used above: "A Sunday on La Grande Jette" by Georges Seurat, 1888

[By Sophia Cruz, other artforms by Rendell Uy and/or Monika del Rosario if stated otherwise]