Mechanical Reflection

Q2: What questions do you have about either the screencasting with Google Forms intergration system, or Ed Ted? Any other comments?


I feel really comfortable with screencasting. I have been using Jing and ScreenR to do the screencasting for all my class assignments with Touro. I find ScreenR to be my favorite one to use. It allows the user to download a screencast as an MP4. It also allows you to upload your screen cast to YouTube and other social networking sites. Students could easily use this to share information about any topic in any class. Screencasting by itself essentially flips the classroom.

Google Forms

Using Google Forms with a screencast allows for feedback about your topic. Forms also allow you to collect data. This data is important when trying to figure out what the viewers understand and what you need to re-teach.


I am least familiar with the website called After watching the ed-ted YouTube clip I was super excited. I am a huge fan of Ted talks and have found them quite interesting when wanting to find inspiration. Knowing that students can watch a video on a subject matter containing Common Core standards is ideal. Having a lesson follow the clip is a great way to collect data about retention of information.