My Favorite Season

By: Abby Peterson

Oh, how I can smell the big holiday meal and sweets. I love my grandparent's cooking. I can smell the green bean casserole, the corn, the ham balls, the turkey, ham, and the pie. This meal smells similar to a Thanksgiving meal.

     My favorite season looks like a fright, and it gets really cold at night, but I love my favorite seasons sight. Fresh blankets of snow is nice, better than the ice. The trees are very bare and covered in ice and snow.

     My favorite season is not very loud because the birds are not chirping, they have gone south, it seems like nobody wants to be out and about, and the rest of the animals are hibernating. I do hear the laughter of children sledding and playing in the snow. When you walk you will hear a crunch, slurp or slosh.

     My favorite season has great tastes. My grandma and grandpa cooks a great holiday meal for our family. I taste turkey and ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn casserole, and pie. This meal is similar to a Thanksgiving dinner but with a twist, we open gifts afterwards.

      My favorite season makes me feel happy! I love to spend time with my family in Iowa where they get lots of snow. I don’t just go for the holidays. I love to go sledding with my grandpa, I love to cook with my grandma, and I love celebrating the holidays. All this stuff that happens in my favorite holiday makes me so happy.

     The weather in my favorite season is very cold and snowy, sometimes even icy. I love to play outside in the snow all bundled up. I think the weather is nice but not when I slip on the ice. It is very beautiful with the trees covered in snow and the fresh white blankets of soft snow. Some people say my favorite seasons weather is awful.

     Some words others use to describe my favorite season would be terrible, freezing, and even crazy. I guess it is very cold but In the cold you can bundle up and then take layers off when you get warm. I hope a lot of people don’t use words like terrible and too cold to describe my favorite season, because I love my favorite season.


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