What is Globalization?

Globalization is the spread of ideas and products across nations of the world. Developed nations, such as the United States, can help developing nations, such as India, to establish themselves with a functioning economy, environment, and imported technologies, all while keeping the developing nation's own culture. Technologies are innovations on existing inventions and creations. Environment is the natural occurrence of the outdoors, such as trees, rivers, lakes, and mountains. Economy is the system of maintaining the value of the country's currency, and trade among other nations. Culture is the behaviors and beliefs of another group of people. This group of people can be relative to an age group or ethnicity of a country.

Older Samsung Galaxy S3 batteries state they're made in Korea and assembled in China, but newer ones removed "Assembled in China" and left "Made in Korea."

Although the battery states it's made in Korea, but with no resources found from South Korea, it's actually all North Korean. North Korea only has China to manufacture products on a worldwide scale, and doesn't have money to make and assemble a product, so China takes everything that was made in North Korea, and puts it all together. Then China exports the batteries to other nations to be sold in compatible phones at a cell provider that sells the same phone with the same battery model.

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