The Taste of revenge!

Cover Your Nose !!

I am so nervous I have never been so anxious in my life! I stand on the green rough court. I glance at the noisy, cheerful crowd. Right at this moment I just want to dash of and go home. I’v never felt this way before. I taste fear and my own sweat. I glance at my player's bent knees, swaying side to side viously. My heart is beating boom, boom, boom, sweat starts rolling down my desert dry face. I see the fire in her eyes, giving me her evil and disgusting looks. I looked up to see her clenched fist, licking her pink sweaty lips. EW!! I can smell my sweat . That disgusting, terrible, zingy smell just blows past my nose . I feel all the crowds eyes on me, waiting for someone to fail. She lifts her racket, bouncing the yellow tennis ball on the ground. Up it goes, she swings her racket back and then whack! a powerful hit comes towards me ‘URGHN‘. I fail to hit the ball.

My eyes are wide open, making sure no ball goes past me or I fail to hit it. Her weird face appears, tensing her muscles, I taste my awful sweat and saliva. DISGUSTING! The crowd starts cheering, LOUD & PROUD. The crowd gasp “OHH“. I feel happy but then I feel guilty. My sweat is like a strong smelly perfume it is so awful. Bounce, bounce, bounce, she scrunches her face! I’m charging for the ball, trying my best to make the hit. I got a shock from the racket, the ball suddenly returns back to my opponent, spinning in mid air. What a relief! So far so good.

The ball hits her in the face. Missing teeth, blood slithering down her nose and mouth, who could of ever thought that a small ball can do so much. The blood drips everywhere, drip, drip, drip. I put my hand to my face feeling scared and worried . You hear her loud crying and screaming . I am terrified . I my have won the game but to the crowd I’m a loser and a bully. She drops to the ground ‘OH NO‘ I thought to myself. ‘Are you serious?’ ‘ now all I feel is fear, A LOT of fear. But it was the taste of revenge!!

By Asi

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