Video Games DEBATE

by Kevin Ikowe

The new Xbox One controller.

   In this special edition of Video Games DAILY we shall be debating which NEW next gen console  Xbox One VS. PlayStation 4.

   First we'll be focusing on the Xbox One. Let's analyze the PROS and the CONS of this console. We ask 10,000 people and HERE are our top results:

  • PROS
  • Next Gen
  • MORE exclusive games
  • Made/manufactured by Microsoft
  • Nice controller layout
  • Nice layout
  • CONS
  • EXPEN$IVE ($500)
  • Overrated
  • Worst than PS4
  • Poor Performance at E3 2014

   Now let's analyze our results: The XB1 is GREAT! I have to agree it isn't as good as the PS4 and is also really expensive! It was priced at $499 at launch and sold over 100,000 boxes on launch day. They are also reducing the price to $399 in early 2015.

The new PlayStation 4 controller

  Now let's take a look at the PS4! We once again asked 10,000 people and here are our top results:

  • PROS
  • Graphically better
  • Made/ manufactured by Sony
  • More console making experience
  • More consoles (PlayStation to PS Vita To PS4)
  • Not as expensive as XB1
  • CONS
  • Less exclusives
  • Bad controller design
  • Little to no online game-play (yet)
  • Not showcased at E3 2014 as much as XB

   And our results are: AWESOME! Sure, the PS4 doesn't get as much attention as the XB1 but it is still better in my book! So far the only exclusives this game has is the latest entry to the series inFamous is inFamous: Second Son. At launch it was announced to be priced at $399, and had a booth (at E3) set up for the new, anticipated title Assassin's Creed Unity (coming out November 21).

   Now let's look at their predecessors, the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Obviously the XB360 had WAY more attention than the PS3 by a landslide. They  

A custom designed Xbox 360 controller.

  The Xbox 360 once again had more exclusives but had a couple of weak spots.One of them being: GRAPHICS. The PS3 takes the cake when it come to graphics there is a graphics comparison on YouTube even, and the PS3 makes XB360 games look ABSOLUTELY terrible. Now let's look at the PS3!

A custom designed PS3 controller.

   The PS3 doesn't get as much attention, but it has a GOOD thing going for it: BONUSES. For games such as Assassin's Creed, Metro, etc. If you pre-order the game (for PS) then you can get things like bonus missions, extra in-game currency, or even Bonus weapons.

   And just for fun we even added in the trailers for the games mentioned earlier.


   Assassin's Creed is a game where you play as an assassin in a faction called the Assassin's (obviously) waging war against the opposite faction the Templars the series has 9 games in it and you get one essential skill: freerunning (or parkour). It basically allows you to run, jump and climb your way from one building to another. They always puts you in an important point of time like AC3 where your in the American Revolution or AC4 Black Flag where you're a pirate sailing in the West Indies.

    If the trailer confused you a bit, you play as Arno Dorian, the assassin in a long navy blue robe, who lost his father at a young age and blames himself. He seeks vengeance and plans to kill the man who murdered his father, by learning from the Assassins. The men in blue are soldiers that were in the French Revolution (where the game takes place) and allows you to go through time. A part of the game let's you go to the mid 1800's (I think) and let's you climb the Eiffel Tower with the loud gunfire of WWII. Or when you scale the Statue of Liberty while it's still in construction.


  You are a nameless soldier in a Post-Apocalyptic world where a dangerous chemical/virus has affected all humans and animals and you and your friends try to find a cure and save the world (sounds kind of cliche doesn't it).

                           Now that's all we have for today folks! See you next time on

                                                              VIDEO GAME DEBATE!!!