By: Hunter - Jaffari - Olivia - Aishah

The insect eating animal called the kinkajou lives in the Amazon Rainforest in South America. Not many people spot the kinkajou because this animal is nocturnal. If you ever come upon a kinkajou you may say it has a nice slim body, a full coat of golden-brown fur, a round head, big eyes, small ears, and had a bear like snout. If you ask me, that is exactly what it looks like.

This animal has been prey to humans, big cats, and birds of prey, like hawks, owls, and eagles. Kinkajous main food is insects, nectar, honey, and fruit. Kinkajous food may be hard to find when the Amazon can get up to 9 feet of rain which can cause severe floods. The average temperature in the Amazon is 65 degrees. The kinkajou can climb up canopy of a tree and jump from tree to tree to avoid predators. Humans are affecting the ecosystem by cutting down the jungle trees and taking away the exotic animals that live in the amazon.

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