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Spring News

AIG Program, K-5

Grace Level AIG HAPPENINGS....

K-2 Nurturing continues and students have now been introduced to Dudley the Detective, Isabel the Inventor and we will begin Sybil the Scientist after Spring Break.  We have successfully explored these types of thinking skills through our PETS Program (Primary Education Thinking Skills). The webpage has updates from each of these units.

2nd Grade Pull-Out reading groups began in March for students who are exhibiting higher level thinking skills in reading. These students meet once a week in the AIG classroom.  A math group will be created for higher-level math students after Spring Break.

3rd Grade continues to meet with the AIG Specialist in small groups. Reading students have completed their paper slide videos based on the unit, Voice For Animals.  Check out the webpage to view the students' publications.  They have also been introduced to technology creations using tagxedo, and wordle.  

4th Grade reading students are super busy with each day representing something different.  Mondays are still our Vocabulary day, and we have finally completed the Latin/Greek word parts (ALL 111 words).  Tuesday is dedicated to our novel study of Watson's Go to Birmingham, and Wednesdays are the best because it's DECADES DAY!  

4th Grade math students continue to work on advanced math topics that correlate with what is happening in the classroom.  

5th Grade Reading students are working hard to complete their own Super Hero design with a persuasion paper going to Marvel comics.  Monday is our usual Vocabulary Day, and students have a packet called Vocabulary Sleuths!  

5th Grade Math students continue to work on advanced math topics, and MATH QUEST.  

Please continue to check the webpage as I will continue to update any assignments and/or information for the students.

Think Lab

Think Lab is a time when selected K-1 students participate in  thinking games and activities that promote nonverbal higher order thinking skills similar to those taught during weekly lessons. Students are selected to participate in the program based on observations during AIG lessons as well as teacher nominations.

The Think Lab is full of hands-on activities and games. Students can choose from a variety of stations, each of which promotes a different thinking skill such as visual thinking, brainstorming, or deductive reasoning. While students who participate have shown marked levels of critical and creative thinking, they are not formally in the Gifted Program. Our identification process takes place in 3rd grade.

Enrich, Extend and Accelerate

In grades 3-5, the AIG Specialist will provide enrichment, extensions, and acceleration as needed to meet the students' needs. The teachers will work closely with the Gifted Specialists in order to fully meet the needs of high-achieving students by adjusting the content, process, product and even the learning environment. It is important that lessons are correctly differentiated and challenging for individual students.

Service delivery is multifaceted and flexible and may consist of any of the following options:

team teaching, cluster grouping, subject grouping, resource units and/or classes, cross grade grouping, anchor activities, curriculum compacting, learning centers, tiered assignments, learning contracts, computer based instruction, and/or independent studies.

Students who are performing above grade level may be pulled to work in a small group directly with the Gifted Specialist. A student does not have to be formally identified into the AIG Program to work directly with the Gifted Specialist.

3rd Annual Local History Fair
and Service Learning

Save the Date ~ The AIG Local History Fair is scheduled for Friday, May 22nd at 8:30. Students identified in 3rd, and 4th grade are required to complete this end of the year project. 5th grade AIG students have been given the choice of the Local History Project OR a Service Learning Project.

Gifted Students and Test Anxiety
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WBS Parent Advisory (WAPA, school based only)

Our next meeting will be held on Friday, April 24th, and our final meeting will be held Friday, May 22nd.

Please let us know if you are interested in being a part of the WBS Parent Advisory for the 2014-2015 school year.

New Hanover County Gifted Advisory Council

Thank you to Jennifer Player for volunteering to represent WBS at the NHC Gifted Advisory Council for Gifted Students.  If you are interested in this council, please email Mrs. Kochakji or contact Jennifer Player.  

The NHCS Gifted Advisory Council asks each school to select a liaison to attend the monthly GAC meetings. The liaison’s responsibilities include: monthly meeting attendance and reporting notes and relevant issues to the school. A liaison can be a teacher, parent, or community member. The job of liaison may be shared by 2 people at the school, and attendance at the meetings can be alternated.

Please send a message to the gifted specialist if you are interested in either council for the 2014-2015 school year.

Important DATES

Tuesday, April 7th - Battle of the Books Test for participants

Friday, April 17th - Maker Night at WBS

Friday, April 24th - WAPA meets at 8:30 am

Tuesday, May 5th - Battle of the Books

Wednesday, May 13th - Friday, May 15th - 2nd Annual 5th Grade Field Trip to Williamsburg, VA

Friday, May 22nd - 3rd Annual Local History Fair

Friday, May 22nd - Last WAPA Meeting


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