Demonstrating Knowledge of Students

Homeroom (room 51)

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Reading Time

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Running Records from Teacher's College

1st nine Weeks

Running Record - 2nd nine weeks

Running Record-3rd nine weeks

Running Records-4th nine weeks

       In order to accurately assess my students independent reading levels, I have incorporated the Teacher's College Running Records.  The running records through the Teacher's College use excerpts from authentic children's literature.  I have been very pleased with the results from the running records, and believe that my students are not only reading books that are on their level, but are also able to comprehend the text they are reading.

District Fluency Data

Independent Reading Levels
Growth Chart

Fluency was completed every 6th and 9th week of a grading period.  By tracking fluency was able to see how their independent reading was progressing.  When fluency levels were low, I was able to conference with the students to determine the root cause.

Student Fluency Graph

Students were required to track their personal growth in fluency.  The reader's / writer's notebooks were used for tracking along with Edmodo (spelling City).  Tracking of personal data by the students allowed them to "take charge" of their own learning goals.