The Seamstress That Sewed America

By Lindsay Semken

You may know Betsy Ross ,or Elizabeth Grimson as her family called her, for making the first flag but that is not all she did. Betsy faced many other challenges in her life and here is the story of a brave and loyal woman.

Growing up a Quaker

Betsy Griscom was born Jan. 1 1752. It was common to have a small amount of children in the 1970's, so it was very unusual to have 16 siblings like Betsy did. Being a Quaker, like herself, while she was a child she was not aloud to dance, play music, or read story books. she went to school 8 hours a day and 6 days a week. she quit school when she was 12 and that was the end of her childhood.

Meeting her true love

After she finished school her father arranged for her to be an apprentice at an upholstery shop where she met John Ross another apprentice and they instantly fell in love. John was not a Quaker witched caused problems for the couple. Quakers did not approve of there members marrying other Quakers. She would have to be forced to leave the Quaker society. Soon after they were married they started there own upholstery shop. Then John died from war in 1776 and Betsy was a widow. She was left with her child, Zilla.

Sewing The Stars And Stripes

In 1776 George Washington asked Betsy to sew the first American flag. He gave her a design and after she change a few things she got to work on sewing the amazing American flag we all know her today for.

Getting Married To A Few

In 1777 Betsy said Yes to a Persepolis From Joseph Ashburn and than he died in 1782. Then she married John Claypoole in 1783. She had 5 more daughters when she was married to John Claypoole, Clarissa, Susannah, Rachael, Jane, and Harriet. Then John died in 1817 making her a widow once agin

The Death Of A Legand

Betsy Ross died on January 30 at the age of 84. The United States flag flew 24 hours a day at Betsy Ross's grave in Mount Moriah Cemetery. She passed her shop down to her loving daughter Clarissa. Then her grandson, William Canby, told her amazing story to the public and her legend was born.

No One Knows For Sure

Even No one Knows if Betsy Ross really mad the first flag, that is what we choose to believe because that is what we were taught as kids.

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