Southeast Asian Dynasties

Pagan Kingdom, Khmer Empire, Trading Kingdoms, and Vietnam

Pagan Kingdom

In AD 840 people known as the burmans created a kingdom of Pagan. It was in the fertile Irrawaddy River valley. Anawrahta was Pagans first king and ruled from 1044 to 1077. Anawrahta conquered surrounding land and united what is now known as Myanmar. Theravada Buddhism became popular during the time. Some achievements of the Pagan kingdom were Buddhist temples and being the center of Buddhist learning. The Mongols took over the Pagan kingdom in the late 1200s.

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Khmer Empire

The Khmer empire rose out of modern day Cambodia. Khmer had begun to conquer surrounding kingdoms to build up the Khmer empire. The empire reflected india and many emperors adopted Hinduism or Buddhism as their religion. Some achievements of Khmer were temple complexs like the Angkor Wat, and large irrigation system

Angkor Wat

Trading Kingdoms

South of the mainland there were several trading kingdoms.The kingdom of  Sailendra went from 750 to 850. They relied on Agriculture and adopted Mahayana Buddhism. Their most famous achievement was their Buddhist monument at Borobudur.  On the island of Sumatra there was the Srivijaya empire went from the 600s to the 1200s. they had control over some oversea traders which in return led to their wealth. They adopted Hinduism and Buddhism.


Vietnam was strongly influenced by China. In 111 BC the Han dynasty conquered Vietnam. The Chinese forced their beliefs and culture onto the Vietnamese, But the Vietnamese still tried to maintain their customs and beliefs. During Chinas weak moments the Vietnamese often rebelled. One of the most famous rebellions was the one of the Trung sisters in 39 AD. They has an army that briefly drove the Chinese away. The sisters later drowned. In 939 the Vietnamese finally got their independence.

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