Learning Goals & Reflection

What role do you feel the creation of student-friendly learning goals plays in student development of self-regulation skills?

Students need to both understand and know what the learning goal means and what level four work looks like. The teacher and students should have a shared vision of what the learning goal is and what the success criteria for evaluations/assessments will look like.  

Students are able to self-regulate their progress and work once the goal is clear and expectations are evident. Students have to be on the same train of thought as their teacher. Students can only board the same train if the teacher, allows them to be included in the success criteria progress. Students are often happier because they know what success in their class looks like and how to achieve it.

In my class, I ensure that learning goals are identified, connected to a big idea and build on student skills. The language used to establish to goal and state the success criteria should be written in friendly and accessible language, that can be modeled to students. Through access and inclusion, students take on greater responsibility for their learning and progress in learning skills and content. Engaged students feel worthwhile, included and happy to learn with their teacher.

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