A Japanese history check

Made by a student..

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In ancient Japan fashion and art were brought into japan by the nobles of japan. These nobles had a lot of time on there hand, because there were separated(sadly) :(  from most of the people. There life was so easy that they called them selves the dwellers among the clouds.pretty cool uh?. these (dwellers) started a golden age of fashion 794-1185b.c..

This love of fashion for the nobles was driven by there love with beauty I there fashion. There people thought of havering  multiple layers on and cut and fold to show them all at once. They would also painted there fans with designs of nature.

These nobles took extra care of how they wrote and what they wrote. The men did not write in Japanese for what ever reason, so they wrote in Chinese.they woman however wrote in Japanese (for what ever reason)so the popular Japanese writing were written by woman.sorry guys.

The nobles had a thing for visual arts. These pieces of art work were made with bold colors. The art for what ever reason were drawn on there doors and furniture, and rarely on paper. So kids you mist art class by 1,000 years.they art work were pictures of nature and life around the court.

Architecture was made on there buildings as you would think.there building culture was basically coped from the chines.shocking right. We'll the Chinese had a for of entertainment. They basically had a cur as. They had jugglers, acerbates, musicians and DRAMA....... There plays get my dramatic later in the years but ya.

Well the nobles religion reflected there love of elaborate rituals.one popular for of Buddhism (there are more than one) was zen! That came from China you guest it.many of the Japanese followed this religion. We'll I hoped you did not suffer as much as I did making this. (I was forced).

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