Bio labs

Design Project

some ideas i had were very basic, such as just putting plan piping in and letting that sit at and angle so gravity would push the water down the pipe in to the tank,but i thought about the general area in which the water would try to hit the tank and how well the water would spread. Then I thought of how many different farmers get water to there crops and how the contribution above spreads the water around. this then inspired me to make what i know call the rain maker, the device above simple pushes along a main tube and the water exits throw a nose somewhere along the main tube. so all i did was get a pbc pipe and drilled holes in the top thinking the water would shot out at a strong velocity. I was wrong, the water dribbled out and didn't spread very far, so to fix this i have gotten copper wire and weaved them throw the holes so know the water dribbles out on the the copper wire and down on to the soil giving us a very big range.

one of the big problems with this project is the fact that not having the the pipes glued cased leaks in the joint if the piping and in some tests cause the device to fall apart spilling water everywhere.