Pirate Photosynthesis
by Melissa Eddy

Flipped classroom video on photosynthesis.  Click on the button.

Where does photosynthesis occur in plants?

Real-World Application/Opportunistic Hook
Effects of Deforestation on the Carbon Cycle

Kinesthetic/People Prop Hook
Students model the transfer of hydrogen ions and/or electrons by throwing small rubber balls to human "electron acceptors"

Image courtesy of Schmoop.com

Mozart Hook
A song that reviews the steps of photosynthesis (to the tune of "Love the Way You Lie" )

Teaser Hook
a fun movie trailer to introduce photosynthesis

Techno Whiz Hook--live answers to a photosynthesis question on Today's Meet

The posted question could be:  What do you already know about photosynthesis?  Students can log on with their phones or iPads and answer anonymously with all answers displayed on the projector.

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2 years ago

WOW. I love that you really designed a lesson with so many ways to GRAB your students. Love it.

2 years ago

Ann Vega - You have earned your TECH credit in ERO.