Welcome to Malawi!!

Bailey S

this is Malawi

This is Malawi .

This is how they dress. They dress in blouses or dresses. the men dress in suits and jackets.

The kids in Malawi.

Their language is English. Some of their beliefs is Roman, Catholic. Some of the other beliefs is Baptist, and Angelic, and Muslim.

The school and education. The government has a free school for kids. But you have to have your own uniform and textbooks.

How the Malawi begin there day. They eat corn porridge. Or either they have sweet potato or a piece of bread with tea.

How they celebrate their holidays. These are their holidays Mothers day Chilembwe day. Independence day, then Martyrs day.

Them celebrating Mothers day.

Some things about their background. European rival David Livingstone is a scottish missionary. He was a famous explorer he entered Malawi Via the shire river in 1859.

David Livingstone

This is the geography and map of Malawi. I hope this will help you in any sort of way. Here is the picture .

Some things you might like about our country. You might like how we act. How you might like our act is because we welcome visitors by giving them some refreshments.

this is the Malawi people welcoming visitors

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