Fabian Aguirre

Researcher at UT Austin

About Fabian Aguirre

Currently working in Austin, Texas, Fabian Aguirre is a researcher and Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) who has experience with exposure and response prevention and cognitive behavioral therapy treatments for anxiety-related disorders. Much of his research has concentrated on how immigration, acculturation, marginalization, and family structure affects the mental health of individuals who have emigrated from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula to live in the United States. While working and studying at the University of Texas at Austin, Fabian Aguirre noticed that many students of Mexican American heritage did not seek help from counselors on campus, and he sought to address this underutilization of services by developing and implementing culture-specific psychoeducation tools. Aguirre has presented this and related research at two Winter Roundtable annual conferences, both held in New York City.

Aside from his research pursuits, Fabian Aguirre gained substantial clinical experience while undertaking his doctor of philosophy in psychology. He spent three years at the Austin Center for the Treatment of OCD in Texas and provided assessment at the Austin Behavioral Clinic, where he primarily engaged detained juvenile offenders. His other clinical experience includes work at the Rio Grande Counseling Center, the Apollo Mental Health Rehabilitation Center, and Blackstock Family Health Center.

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