Fabrizio Balestri is the Leader of the Pack

Fabrizio Balestri is a total professional and leading expert in the world of business. He is a sort of legend in business circles. He has put together a thirty year record of continued success in a number of businesses and business types. From startups to corporations, he has been an integral piece of many success stories and he specializes in the niche of helping companies that have a lot of intellectual and personnel capital. In certain situations a good deal of companies find themselves with great designers, great engineers, great products, but not a lot of experience in getting products to market. They are often looking for help in that field where they want to break into a new market, or want to scale their presence in an existing market.

Balestri is known for his thorough and efficient style, which gets him to the bottom of things quickly. He is truly a leader and man of action as he sets about his plan with authority and gravitas. Balestri was educated at Frostburg State University in the state of Maryland and graduated from that institution in three years with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences. He also enjoyed an excellent collegiate career in soccer, where he won numerous accolades for his skills on the field.

Later, he was educated in the executive education program at the prestigious Columbia University within the Columbia Graduate School of Business in 2006. Without a doubt, his education is a critical component of his success, but he has made sure to build on that throughout his career.

Fabrizio Balestri - Creating a Healthy Working Environment

Fabrizio Balestri is an experienced a successful business leader who has over 30 years of executive management experience. He has overseen the growth of companies and increase in sales, including while working at American Express. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer at Lorica International and Education Loan Source. He also serves, as an advisor to various companies such is Quic Industries, Operating Room Innovations, and Salgomed. However, his chief revenue of employment is by providing consulting services to young start-up companies.

As a business consultant, Fabrizio Balestri is very selective about the projects that he chooses to take on. First there has to be an agreement between him on the company requesting his services, that he can retain a small role in the company. This is a way from he to feel more involved, allowing him to be more of service to the company and allowing for a successful partnership. Secondly, he chooses to work with intelligent individuals who are leaders in their field but may not have a sense for business development. This is where Fabrizio steps in.

Using his upbeat personality, Fabrizio connects with company employees, creating an enjoyable atmosphere to work in. This is the type of atmosphere that breeds success. But to complete this atmosphere, Fabrizio needs to feel comfortable that others want to be pushed. He has a passion for success and is incredibly ambitious. This needs to be matched by the company looking for his services. This comes naturally to him though, as he is an optimistic and confident person that enjoys pushing others to attain success.

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