How You Should Behave On Facebook

How To Be Safe On Facebook

-Keep negative opinions to yourself.

- If you are aware of someone who is being bullied, report the bully.

- Respect other peoples positive opinions  on things.

-Think before you post.

-Report inappropriate language or nudity.

-Try and ignore hateful comments.

- Dont post photos that target other people in a negative way.

What Not To Do

-Join in fights.

- Post highly explicit language.

- Post photos containing nudity.

- Give out personal information.

-Add people you don't know.

-Meet up with a person you don't know.

- Spread rumours.

What Not To Do

- Join in fights

- Post highly explicit language

- Post photos containing nudity

- Give out personal information

- Add people you don't know

- Meet up with a person you don't know

- Spread roumours

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