FacultyClub.org Delivers Valuable Services, Benefits, and Features

About Facultyclub.org

Colleges and universities seeking to fill vacant faculty positions with world-class academic professionals gain access to a broad range of academic job seekers by joining FacultyClub.org. Because FacultyClub.org focuses only on the needs of the academic community, employers and job seekers alike are ensured a more streamlined process than found in other comprehensive employment services. In addition, FacultyClub.org delivers a host of services and features that add real value to membership for institutions and academic professionals.

Established by KnowledgeShares.org to serve the specialized needs of employers, employees, and job seekers in the academic community, FacultyClub.org helps institutions of higher education identify and recruit the most suitable candidates for any particular vacancy. Its intuitive metrics dashboard allows clients to analyze their job postings’ performance on a real-time basis. In addition, FacultyClub.org provides professional training to clients’ existing faculty members in such areas as online instruction and best practices in learning management systems and student engagement. FacultyClub.org also provides excellent continuous customer service after a client registers as a member institution.

Academic professionals also derive significant value from their membership in FacultyClub.org. The site is intuitive, and and the professional training carries with it the opportunity to enhance academic credentials. In addition, academic professionals seeking jobs can post their credentials for confidential review by member institutions only.