Pay Art Forward

Lost Illusion

The 7th grade art classes at Monticello Middle School created these beautiful pieces of art for you to enjoy, record their locations, and then Pay-Art-Forward!

To participate, please add a comment where you found the art, along with what it was like to discover it! Once you've commented, then Pay-Art-Forward by placing it out in public, randomly, for someone else to discover. Be creative! Thank you for participating... enjoy the art!

Sincerely, Monticello Middle School 7th Grade Art Class

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6 months ago

I created this art to show people that there are a lot of beautiful things in life, and if you don't look carefully you will miss them, so pay attention! I thought that I would do a sad expression because if someone is having a bad day and they found this clay face they would be reminded to enjoy life. I thought of the name Lost Illusion for this clay face because he represents everyone in the world, lost in their own thoughts and words. He represents all the things we want in life and not the things they need. What we want represents the Illusion part and what we think represents the Lost. I hope this clay face inspired you to embrace life and make every moment count.

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