Curley's Wife

Lonely - Desperate - Desirable

All I wanted was ...

To not be lonely

Ain't I got a right to talk to nobody?

Be in movies

Be in nice pitchers

Live in Hollywood

But I didn't want …

To be in this dump with all ya'll

Be married to worthless man

To die

How the character develops

Curley's wife is younger than 20 years old

She didn't marry Curley for love

She married Curley to get back at her mother also blames her mother for her failure on not becoming a movie star

How she interacts with other characters

Curley's wife treats slim with much respect, care and is flirtations. Curley's wife interacts softly with Lennie, shes more open and honesty unlike with other characters. Lastly, She doesn't quite interact with Crooks. Curley's wife demands and threatens him. This tells the reader that Curley's wife wasn't taught to be polite and respectful to others whom are not fortune.

How the character Develops the plot

Curley's wife affects the plot because she was the cause of Lennie running away also the cause of Lennies death.

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