By: Ty Spickelmier

Benito Mussolini - Founded the Fascist party which won 35 seats in the 1921 elections.

:Fascism- is an aggressive nationalistic movement that considered the nation more important than the individual.

Beliefs and changes by Mussolini

  • people thought nations became good by building an empire
  • Mussolini promised working class full employment and social security
  • all parties except the fascists were suppressed, and people were either exiled or murdered
  • news paper writers were suppressed or replaced by fascist supporters
  • Teachers had to wear uniforms, and new text books were written
  • stikes and lockouts were not allowed
  • swearing was a public crime

Mussolini's past

The first successful Fascist takeover was in Italy under Benito Mussolini. He was born in 1886 in North Central Italy. His Mom was a school teacher, and his Dad was an anarchist and atheist who destroyed the ballot boxes whenever it was election day. When Benito was younger he had a bad habit of knifing his classmates. Mussolini Fled to Switzerland to avoid the draft. And in 1904, he returned and served in the army for a pardon in return.

Benito Takes Control

Italy had a bad showing in the War. Inflation, riots, and strikes broke out and soon Mussolini took over. The fascists did things to promote anarchy than everyone in Italy, Benito would sent his gangs called the blackshirts to riot against the communist while his men were protecting the peace.

A group of local party bosses started riots that stormed down the city halls, that encouraged them to go ahead and march on Rome and try and take control of the government. Benito didn't no if he wanted to join until he seen that they might succeed he decided he would and jumped right into control to make it look like he was leading the riot all along. The riot caused a big traffic jam and it scarred the government bad enough to offer Mussolini the power to form a new government. He forced the Italian Parliament into giving him emergency powers that let him control all other parties. By 1925 all of Italy was a fascist dictatorship. Benito tried to build up the aircraft, shipping and power industries but from the depression in Italy and bad planning didn't lead them to any progress.

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