The Blue Ridge

By Silvia Thompson and Fallon Carleo


In the Blue Ridge Mountains there are several tourist attractions! Whether you want to have tons of fun or you want to chill out and relax, there are both options here in Blue Ridge. Here is a video of all of the things you can tour:

As you can see from the little clips in the video, there are tons of exciting things to visit in Blue Ridge! Now, lets get started with business!

Business side of things!

In Blue Ridge there is many types of business. There are things like shopping and food! Or things like economics! Most of the business that comes to Blue Ridge is from Tourists. When the tourists come, they need places to eat. There are lots of restaurants including Blue Jeans Pizza and Pasta Factory, The Village Restaurant, and Joe's BBQ! Most of the shopping business is country stores. Some of those stores are included in the video above.


The physical features in Blue Ridge are mountains of course, but also water gaps and trails. The biggest mountain in Georgia is called Brasstown Bald Mountain and its trail is over a mile long!


In Blue Ridge the average rainfall is usually 64 inches a year! Thats a lot of rain if you ask me! The temperature there usually ranges from 70 degrees in the summer time and 30 degrees in the winter! It doesn't usually get as cold there as it does in Newnan!

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That is really neat Fallon and Silvia! Well done!

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Nice job. Video was a good touch.